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How 2 Save and Extract Designs

Posted by Janay on 1/22/2014 to How 2
How 2 Save and Extract Designs
Thank you for your order!
If you need help locating your purchased files to download, please read this blog post first:
How To Download Designs

I will now walk you through the process of saving and unzipping your new file.
A quick disclaimer: I am using Windows Vista to create this, so I cannot guarantee that every operating system will function in precisely the same way.

First start by clicking "Click here to download"

When the save dialog box pops up, pay attention to where your design will be saved. For example: in my Documents folder, I have a folder specifically for Embroidery Designs, and within that a subfolder for Itch 2 Stitch designs. This is where I want my new design to go, so I click "Save"

Now I open that folder in Windows Explorer. I find my new zip, right-click and select "Extract All"

A new dialog box appears. Generally a new sub-folder will be created, named the same as the zip file. IF you want to rename or select a different destination, click Browse. (I rarely have to do that.) If you check the box on the left, Windows will automatically open the new folder when extraction is complete. Click Extract.

Now that my new folder is open I can see all the individual files that were included in the zip. I like to click on "Type" to sort my files by extension. This makes it easy to find the machine format I need.

You can stop here if you like. But if you want to remove the extra machine format files that you do NOT need, here is how you can do it quickly:
Hold down the CTRL key and click on the files for your machine format (as well as any PDFs and JPGs you want to keep)
Go up to Edit and select "Inverse Selection"

Now all the files you do NOT want are selected, and you can simply hit delete on your keyboard.


And voila! Now your folder only contains the the files you need.

We suggest saving your zip on an external hard drive so that you still have access to it in the future in the event you accidentally delete or change a file, or buy a new embroidery machine that requires a different format.
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