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How 2 Print Font Images

Posted by Janay on 4/8/2015 to How 2
How 2 Print Font Images
We are often asked to provide a printable book of all our fonts. In short, that isn’t going to happen because we add new designs all the time. It would be incomplete nearly as soon as it was off the printer (please see footnote A for a longer explanation).

We also ask that you do not invest in such a thing that might be sold by a third party -- if I2S fonts are included, it is without our permission (please see footnote B for explanation). 

However, we are happy to provide full alphabet images of our fonts that you can print yourself for free with no special software required! 

There are 3 methods you can use to do this. 

Here are quick, simple, and most importantly FREE ways you can customize your own font book to see what you own and use most often.

Method 1: Use Pinterest
We have pinned all of our full alphabet images to our Embroidery Font board on Pinterest. First, click on a font image. 

Then right click that image and select “Open image in new tab” 

Go to that new tab and right-click again, selecting “Print”.

Print the image! 

Method 2: Use Facebook
Visit our Facebook Page album that contains all of our full alphabet images. Click on an image.

Then right-click the image and select “open image in new tab”. 

On that new tab right click and select “Print”. 


Method 3: Print the included image in the zip file of the font

Once you have downloaded the zip and extracted all the files from the zip, find the included .jpg in the folder. 

In Mac Finder, click on the image, then go up to File and select Print. 


It is very similar in Windows Explorer: right-click the image and select print. A dialog box will appear giving you several print options. 
Those print options can be quite handy actually if you want to print several font images on the same page. 

Save all of your font images into the same folder on your hard drive. Selected multiple images, then right-click and select Print. 

In the dialog box make your selections. For example, I have “Wallet(9)” selected and “Fit picture to frame” unchecked. 

Hit print. Voila! 


Footnote A: 
If we were to create a printable PDF file that included all of our full alphabet pictures, it would be incomplete almost immediately after publishing because we are continually adding new fonts to the site. It would be challenging to update and make those changes accessible to our customers. 
Here are the questions we have considered when thinking through creating a printable book:
- How would you want the images organized? Alphabetically? By release date? Sorted by style (elegant, swirly, block)? Sorted by sizes available?
- Do you want the full alphabet image? Just the font name? A sample name in that font? 
- How many images do you want per page? One, two, four, nine, sixteen?
- Do you own and use EVERY I2S font? Do you ONLY own and use I2S fonts? While we’d be delighted if your answer was yes :) we know that’s not likely. 
- Would you want your customer to be able to choose from every font, or just a handful?
- Do you want our font name on the image or do you rename them/number them yourself?

The answers to these questions will vary among all of our customers, making it impossible to create something that will please everyone and be easy to keep up to date. However if each embroiderer prints what they own and organizes it how they prefer, then everyone wins! 

Footnote B: 
If you come across someone selling a font book that includes images of I2S fonts (whether those images are ours or created by the seller) please know that such an item violates our Terms of Use
- When you purchase a font from us, you receive a license to use our digitized font. 
- You may stitch it on items for sale, but the only thing you can give away or profit from is physical embroidered items. 
- Our digital design files and the images of those designs (including fonts) cannot be shared or sold.
- Even if you create your own images with embroidery editing software, those can only be used for personal use, they cannot be shared or sold. 

This is not only because of the TOU you agree to when you purchase our design files, but because of the Terms of Use set forth by the original artists  that we purchased a commercial license to use. The copyright of the original artwork in print form belongs to them, and copyright for the digital embroidery design files we create belong to us. Therefore we cannot extend permission to anyone to redistribute images of our fonts/designs. 
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