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How 2 Find Information About Updates

Posted by Janay on 4/18/2017
A comprehensive list of fonts that have been updated in chronological order.

How 2 Stitch a Double Varsity Raggy Design

Posted by Janay on 8/26/2015
Step-by-step directions for completing a Double Varsity Raggy Applique letter

How 2 Print Font Images

Posted by Janay on 4/8/2015
A step-by-step How2Guide for FREE ways to print images of our fonts.

How 2 Maximize a Small Hoop by Rotating a Diamond Design 45 Degrees

Posted by Janay on 1/2/2015
Step by Step directions for using software to rotate a design 45 degrees, print a template, and hoop item rotated 45 degrees to fit a larger size of Elegant Scroll in a smaller hoop.

How 2 Stitch a Multiple Fabric Applique Design

Posted by Janay on 9/20/2014
A step-by-step tutorial for completing a machine applique design from start to finish!

How 2 Find Coupon Codes

Posted by Janay on 4/28/2014
Are you looking for a coupon code to use on theitch2stitch.com? Find them here!

How 2 Use the BX format with Embrilliance

Posted by Janay on 3/14/2014
Step-by-Step directions for installing our BX files into free software from Embrilliance to use our embroidery designs as keyboard fonts.

How 2 Avoid Repurchasing a Design

Posted by Janay on 2/6/2014
Step-by-Step directions to ensure you do not make a duplicate purchase on our site.

How 2 Save and Extract Designs

Posted by Janay on 1/22/2014
Step-by-Step instructions for saving and extracting embroidery design files.

How 2 Download Designs

Posted by Janay on 10/29/2013
Step-by-step instructions for downloading your purchased designs directly from our site.
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